haki® method

The award-winning haki® method, developed by renowned therapist Harald Kitz, is a holistic and bespoke treatment concept specifically for cerebral, stressed people.

The multi-award-winning treatment method concentrates on the shoulder, neck and head areas and causes pressure in these areas to be eased, so the body regains strength and the right mood. Three exercises that you can do yourself support the long-lasting effect, so the healthy feeling remains long after the treatment.

A unique treatment of the highest quality, just for you!

haki® assesses the causes of symptoms which cerebral, stressed people of today often suffer from: Tension along the spinal column up to the head and limited concentration. Working from the outside to the inside, through touch and stretching, pressure and tension are gently channelled away. The head begins to let go, which regains strength for the entire body. In this state, a person is brought back into harmony with themselves via a bespoke haki® treatment. A long-lasting improvement to your own sense of well-being and health are the result.

haki® treatments

Our haki® treatments bring you balance. Experience the art of touch with rhythmic pressure, stroking and swinging movements.

haki® Stretch & Relax

Well-being starts with your head. This treatment concentrates specifically on the shoulder, neck and head areas. With targeted pulling, pressure and stretching, you will be reinvigorated. At some points your feet will also be worked on to earth your body in the best possible manner. The harmony that is achieved in the nervous and muscular systems yields balance and regeneration.

  • 50 minutes € 90

haki® Sacral deluxe

A back treatment for both men and women

Fire and strength for your body’s core

Starting with the neck, then proceeding down the back and finishing at the lumbar region, using conscious and attentive touch, tensions are eased and using specific pressure, removed via rhythm and oscillation. Your body’s core is activated and enhanced with energetic life fire. A sacral cushion – that has been tested using bioresonance – is beneficially incorporated into the treatment. Hand-filled with the best herbs from the mountains, it wonderfully adds to the success of this treatment and provides support.

  • 40 minutes € 75

haki® Purna

haki® Purna is a whole body treatment, where specially trained therapists work from the soles of your feet up to the heat, to rebalance the body with haki® grips. For cerebral people of today, who spend a lot of time seated at a desk, or anyone whose muscles have become tight after long sports or from the rigours of work, this treatment will help them feel stretched and activated.

  • 80 minutes € 140

haki® Flow

Alive in the water - during a haki® Flow treatment, the body is pulled, stretched, sensed and perceived. Thanks to the way haki develops naturally, as well as the shoulders, neck and head areas, the entire spinal column area and the pelvis area can be incorporated with stretching and rotation. The therapist guides the body through the water helping the person feel elongated. On a wave with a sense of ease – for anyone who adores water and its healing powers.

  • 80 minutes € 140

Who is Harald Kitz?

During his treatments Harald Kitz concentrates on disorders typically experienced by workaholics and others who "work at a desk", and suffer from the implications brought about by a lack of movement, stress and incorrect posture .

Whether it is a piccolo or a double bass, the art of touch is about perceiving and arranging the out-of-tune sounds of the body – so it is able to make a complete return to its loveliest part within its own orchestra – family and work.

Harald Kitz is an international, multi award-winning therapist and founder of the haki® philosophy for the cerebra person of today. With many years of international experience as a therapist, and a gifted musician, these influences form the basis of his haki® treatment concept. Through his work, Harald Kitz has, for over 10 years, been in contact with numerous doctors, healing practicians, performance athletes, musicians and executives, to compose haki® treatments for the rhythm of the people of today.

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Harald Kitz, as a specialist in Europe in the shoulder, neck and head areas, maintains that pressure is relieved via the head and the feet. With exercises he can quickly help people take responsibility for discovering their own sense of well-being. Whether it is in the water or in the treatment cabin we have the best conditions to be able to provide you with a wonderful programme specifically in preventative healthcare.

He works using pressure, stretching, oscillations & rhythm and looks at people as they are musical instruments, recognising them as such and therefore treating them in a meaningful manner.

Be inspired by this unique method by our haki® therapists!