The Classics

A classic massage is the best known and most widespread massage form. The centuries’ old technique prevents and treats disorders, with no shortage of relaxation.

Classic massage

By kneading, tapping and stroking, individual ligaments, tendons and muscles are eased, thereby energising your skin and all your muscles. Toxins in the tissues are transported away by the metabolism and lymph flow, loosening tension and any areas of hardening in the muscles.

Foot reflex zone massage

With hot neck roll

A foot reflex zone massage is based on the concept that every organ and every body part corresponds to a specific area on the sole of the foot. When this region is stimulated by massage, it has a positive effect on the respective organ, and the body’s powers to heal itself are activated.

Intensive back treatment

This treatment is a combination of a moor pack and various massages. Stubborn tension in the back, shoulder and neck areas are alleviated. During a moor pack for your back, a head or a foot massage can be availed off too. Afterwards, an intensive massage alleviates muscles in the back area.

Sports massage

A massage is an ideal way for all athletes to enhance their vitality. It is suitable both before sport to enhance performance and also when you finish, to promote regeneration and ease the muscles.

  • 25 minutes € 47
  • 50 minutes € 79

Dorn Breuß massage

In a gentle yet also powerful way, the vertebra and joints are pushed back into their ideal position again. A surprising method of self help for many problems and disorders of the back, spine, joints and all areas of the body that are directly connected to the spine.

  • 25 minutes € 47
  • 50 minutes € 79

Lymph drainage

Promotes the detoxification process in the tissues. Used after operations, for slipped disks, bags under your eyes, oedema and water retention in the body. The tissues are decongested by drainage. Lymphatic fluid is eliminated via the lymph nodes and the bladder.

  • 25 minutes € 44
  • 50 minutes € 74