Panorama sauna garden

Way up to the panorama sauna garden

The special highlight of the 4200m² wellness area is the 30m staircase, which proceeds from the Event sauna to the panorama sauna garden – breath-taking views to the Kitzbühel mountains included.

The visionary idea of the owner of the hotel Martin Unterrainer was to enable guests to enjoy a particularly relaxing experience right at the edge of the woodland. The terrain - a wonderful high plateau. A straightforward solution was sought to get up high. The idea of installing an escalator was born.

The implementation was quite simply a technical tour de force:
30% gradient and 30 metres in length –
72 steps in total.

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After a pleasure-filled ride up on the escalator, a dreamy backdrop opens up and a superb panoramic view to the surrounding mountains. In the middle of this idyllic natural ambience, the Panorama Sauna garden provides everything your heart yearns for in terms of wellness & spa.

Blockhouse sauna – Sauna

ca. 85 °C

The most original and most traditional form of sauna sessions has for many years been an outdoor sauna in the guise of a small block-house building.

Steam room

ca. 50 °C

The steam room provides lots of healthy effects. Thanks to the high humidity level, your immune system is enhanced, and circulation is boosted. It is detoxifying and relaxes the muscles – all this while enjoying the views to the dreamy backdrop of the surrounding mountains.

the-laerchenhof-panorama sauna garden


ca. 36 °C

The whirlpool, with its extensive views enables you to forget about the stresses of the daily grind and promises unlimited relaxation.

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Little Kneipp stream

A romantic stream provides a refreshing sense of well-being thanks to the pure, Tyrolean spring water.

The sauna garden invites you to stay for a while, with its many sun loungers, and provides PURE relaxation high above the rooftops of the Lärchenhof.