Sauna world

Forget the world all around you in the pleasing warmth. The sauna helps you feel great and enhances your health. Sauna sessions can help strengthen your body’s defences and help create greater balance and relaxation in stressful day to day living.

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Finnish sauna

ca. 90°C

Enjoy healthy perspiration in the Finnish sauna.

A Finnish sauna is hot and dry. It used to train the cardiovascular system and to enhance your resilience. It also assists in the elimination of toxins.

Tip: Less practised sauna-goers are best to start at the lowest level.

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Salt sauna

ca. 70°C

Breathe deeply

Feel the positive effect of salt stones. Salt has a detoxifying effect and is good for your respiratory tract.

The recommended duration of stay is 15 – 20 minutes.

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ca. 60°C

The Biosauna has a positive effect on your respiratory tract and does not place any burden on your circulation thanks to the temperature that is kept low.

For this sauna, a stay of 25 – 40 minutes is recommended.

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Steam bath

ca. 45°C

The steam bath is based on the Greek well-being temple of the ancient world and with its ideal combination of warmth and moisture, provides an cleansing, nourishing and very beneficial effect for the whole body.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere, which has been based on a stone grotto .

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ca. 40°C

The Tecaldarium is a classic Roman sauna to help stabilise the cardiovascular system with a stay of ca. 40 – 60 minutes.

Heat radiates through the walls, the floor as well as the seating and lounger areas, providing a sense of harmony between your body and the surrounding area.

Pressure is relieved on the body in a tecaldarium, since the lower temperature provides ideal blood flow. Another positive effect: your immune system is strengthened.

Infrared cabins

Gentle and soothing

The heat of an infrared cabin is gentle and soothing. Your body sweats everything out.

After sauna sessions, you ought to cool off. Either by taking a shower or in our plunge pool.

Salt water bath

ca. 32°C

For healthy circulation – immerse yourself in our salt water pool and get a feel for this inexhaustible energy source.

The amount of time recommended for a session in the salt water pool is 15 – 20 minutes.

Relaxation and recovery at its loveliest!

The water temperature is ca. 32 °C, and the salt concentration (4% salt content) promotes the circulation. This stimulates the body's sweat output, and in turn, the body’s own detoxification process, removal of excess water and vein function is set in motion.

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Opening hours sauna world: 12.00 to 19.00

nude bathing area – for those aged 14 and over