Our bathing area

The element of water is the core of our spacious wellness oasis in the Lärchenhof.

Dive in and switch off. Find yourself and enjoy. Feel the calming effect of the warm water. When you immerse yourself in our whirlpools, you feel the ease of being.

Indoor pool

ca. 29°C

Recovery and relaxation in its loveliest guise.
Glide through the velvety water.
Enjoy doing some lengths in the extensive indoor pool.

The recently created relaxation niches, with king-size relaxation beds and inspiring lighting are an absolute highlight in our bathing area. You get to enjoy total relaxation here after some beneficial swim fun.

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Aqua - Fitness

A fit start to your day with Aqua-Fitness ...
... every day early in the morning in our indoor pool!

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Indoor whirlpool in the pool

ca. 32°C

Unwind in the water or bubble over with joy - this relaxes your muscles and eases your mind.

The Lärchenhof Whirlpool


ca. 33°C

Water massage

Blood flow to the skin and tissues is enhanced, problems with the muscles and joints are alleviated, the body’s detoxification is enhanced and through the alleviation of stress, relaxation is eased, ensuring a better sleep.
So many benefits that mean a trip to the Jungbrunnen is the order of the day...

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Outdoor whirlpool

Heated year-round - ca. 34°C - accessible from the indoor bathing area

Wellness bar

With open fire

Indoor pool opening hours: Daily from 7.00 to 19.15