In the mood for a journey around the world?

We bring you the pleasure of massage treatments from across the globe. Traditions, in part spanning centuries, are revived, so you get to feel great all-round.

St Barth Chill Out

Caribbean dream

Leave the daily grind behind! St Barth Chill Out is a unique and deeply relaxing body treatment with special clams, which warm themselves, and top-quality avocado oil. It gently eases tension, alleviates stress and provides the skin with moisture, vitamins and minerals.

Tyrolean herbal pouch massage

The herbal pouch massage has its roots in the culture of the Far East – hardly any other treatment is like this ceremony. A massage on energy pathways, the aroma of intense Tyrolean herbs and hot oil ensure intense, deeply relaxation. Blockades are released and the body’s powers to self heal are activated.

Lomi Lomi Nui

Hawaiian temple massage

During this type of massage, we don’t just use hands, but the entire forearm, including the elbow. During this Hawaiian temple massage, a special, hot oil is used and the flowing movements are adapted perfectly to your body. The result is a wonderfully unique feeling and deep relaxation.

Muru Aki

'A hint of fire' from the South Pacific

A beneficial and skin nourishing massage with cool coconut oil, warm volcanic stones and sea snails. The aim of this massage is to be bring people back into harmony with themselves and their environment.

Hot stone massage

A massage ceremony with hot basalt and marble stones. While the hot stones activate your energy centres, you get to enjoy a wonderfully aromatic massage, which relaxes your muscles, providing a sensation of deep relaxation.


Ayurvedic whole body massage

Carried out with warm plant oils, this is one the most beneficial and most effective treatment forms in Ayurvedic health philosophy. It brings several techniques together in a harmonious manner, helping to deeply relax and revitalise the body. It is not without reason that Abhyanga in ancient Indian means something like "extensive lubrication with loving hands".


Pouring liquid on the forehead

After a short introductory massage, warm oil is trickled in various channels over your forehead. This has a deeply relaxing effect, strengthening your senses and mind.