Facial treatments using Maria Galland / Paris

As a pioneer in the realm of professional beauty care Maria Galland did not believe in the concept of skin types. Rather, she was of the view that every person’s skin has a unique geography and specific needs, which require an individual answer.

Maria Galland Paris is convinced that beauty emanates from the symbiosis of three areas which complement one another, and create a holistic approach to beauty:

  • Bespoke treatments
  • Exceptional products
  • Life Balance

Classic facial treatment

Cleansing the skin, exfoliation, deep cleansing, eye brow shaping, active ingredient ampoules, mask, relaxing facial massage, daily care.

Lärchenhof Rose garden

A wellness treatment for face, neck and décolleté. The skin is prepared with some gentle cleansing and a mild enzyme exfoliation treatment. Depending on your skin’s needs, one ampoule and one nourishing crème mask is applied. Warm rose ouches during your facial massage provide pure relaxation for body, mind and soul.

Lärchenhof facial massage

Includes cleansing, active ingredient ampoules and day care.

Soin Masque Modelant Yeux

Tightening algae modellage for the delicate eye area. The thin and sensitive skin around your eyes is strengthened and smoothed.

Lifting Absolue Jeunesse -

Our lifting treatment

This treatment helps provide immediate tightening and definition for facial contours. It has a plumping effect and smoothes wrinkles to provide a tighter, remodelled appearance and visibly younger looking skin.

Soin Thalasso -

Our moisturising treatment

A true power treatment from the sea. Refreshing algae modellage tightens the skin and provides a highly concentrated, long-lasting moisture boost. Includes eye modellage. Any traces of tiredness are wiped away – a perfect short break for your skin!

Soin Masque Modelant -

Our anti-ageing treatment

This classic treatment is based on a deep-down effective, self-warming mineral mask. It provides tighter, smoother, re-invigorated skin.

Soin Mille -

Our luxury treatment

Two masks and a beneficial massage with luxurious crème have a significant role to play in reducing wrinkles, and in regenerating and tightening the skin. The exclusive treatment is ideal for over 40s skin, which has the most needs.