Facial treatments using the BYONIK® method

Enjoy the incomparable facial treatment method from BYONIK® which provides visible skin rejuvenation, providing a long-lasting, clear improvement to the quality of your skin.

This glamorous facial treatment is suitable for every skin type and every age. For it we skilfully combine high-tech, the latest scientific expertise and lovely massage grip techniques. The result is harmonious, fine-pored and well-moisturised skin.

The treatment is completely pain free and the effect is visible mostly after the first treatment.

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Detox treatment


Premature skin ageing, pigment disorders and very dry skin result from stress and environmental factors. This treatment promotes the detoxification of the skin and replenishes and moisture deficits. The result is a pure fountain of youth - plump, healthy and radiant skin.

Facial treatment


This laser treatment and the Byonik hyaluronic gel specifically developed for this treatment method guarantees a visibly smoothing effect on wrinkles. The laser beam penetrates your skin, stimulating cellular processes and counters any ageing effects that are already present.

  • Intensive treatment - 3 treatments € 419

Neck and décolleté treatment


The décolleté is an area exposed to light and needs particular attention. Unfortunately it is precisely there that skin ageing becomes visible early on. A special treatment enables the décolleté area and the neck to look years younger.

Available to book only in combination with a Byonik facial treatment

Deluxe facial treatment


This luxurious treatment leaves you wanting for nothing. Skin rejuvenation and tightening is achieved through a gentle, focussed light, whereby the skin treatment provides renewed, fresh cellular energy and the maximum moisture.