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Cardio performance test

Get into shape in the best way possible!

Do you engage in sport during your spare time, or would you like to start? Want to know whether your current training really is effective? Want to use your time in the best way possible and successfully train in a healthy way, with no risk?

We examine your fitness and devise you a bespoke and individual assessment test on our cardio bike! With the cardio-trainer fitness test you can measure your endurance, strength and performance level using the latest technology. The workload test enables us to precisely measure your physical condition and your current fitness. Using numerous different training functions we are able to test you individually and according to your fitness level and needs.

Following the test you will receive all the test results, including a diagram and individualised advice from our trained staff. Make the most of the training opportunity and get into shape in the best way possible!

What you will learn during a cardio performance test ...

  • star.. Your current cardiovascular level
  • star... Your endurance, strength & efficiency
  • star... Your average calorie expenditure
  • star... Your heart rate
  • star... theoretical maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max)

Measurement & Evaluation

ca. 30 minutes
€ 40.00