E-Scan metabolic analysis

Trying to diet but without success? No energy? Looking to optimise performance?

An unbalanced metabolism is detrimental to our lives and leads to lack of energy and illness. Thanks to a state-of-the-art measurement system we analyse your metabolism via your breathing. We can then determine how much body fat you are burning, how much oxygen is reaching your cells and how efficient you are.

What is metabolism?
When we talk about human metabolism, we mean the conversion of nutrients taken in and respiratory air and the energy these yield. This conversion takes place in the 100 billion cells in the body. Waste products result from this conversion process which are excreted via your breath etc. Every second of life is therefore only possible since metabolic processes are taking place. All illnesses and lack of energy are caused by a disturbed metabolism.

The E-Scan Metabolic Test (device from the company Figurwell) determines your sugar and fat burning and metabolic efficiency.

What you can find out from an E-scan measurement ...

  • star... Daily energy expenditure amount
  • star... The proportionate amount of sugar and fat burning
  • star... Whether you are gaining or losing weight
  • star... How far away you are from losing weight
  • star... Why you are not losing weight
  • star... The causes of fatigue and drop in performance
  • star... The risk of adult-onset diabetes and diabetes
  • star... How efficient your metabolism is
  • star... Your daily energy requirement

Measurement & Evaluation

ca. 60 minutes
€ 75.00