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Milon Circuit

What is the Milon Circuit?

In the Milon Circuit you attain an optimum training outcome, in the minimum time. In one set, you train all the main muscle groups and your cardiovascular system, while at the same time enhancing strength, endurance and flexibility and therefore take a big step to reaching your goal.

After a preliminary discussion with a fitness trainer, followed by a metabolism check (fee payable) our Personal Trainer provides an induction into the innovative training system ’Milon Circuit’. The water column in the centre of the circuit shows you the duration of the training session. You only train on each piece of equipment for one minute, then you change. This means that a complete Milon Circuit set lasts 17 minutes. Our fitness trainer will provide precise details about the equipment and see that the settings enable your training to be optimal.

What does training on the Milon Circuit do for you?
In the Milon Circuit strength and endurance elements are set up in such a way that they can be used individually and with the settings stored on the chip card, to ensure optimum training:

  • starFoolproof, fully automatic equipment setting in a matter of seconds
  • starHeart rate and motion-activated sequences
  • starMeasurement and assessment of your personal training outcomes

Prices Milon Circuit

Day ticket
Week ticket
Month ticket
Annual ticket
Hotel guests
€ 19.00
€ 40.00
€ 75.00
External visitors
€ 25.00
€ 70.00
€ 470.00