Sport kinesiology

Take your performance to a new level

The word kinesiology is a combination of ‘kinesis’ (movement) and ‘logos’ (teaching): the teaching of movement (at a physical and spiritual level).

Muscle testing – a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious – enables you to access your full performance potential. The subsequent work is both physical and spiritual, and rests on the teachings of the Five Elements to achieve balance within the energy channels (meridians) and the three levels (up/down, left/right and front/back).


  • To improve body coordination and thus performance
  • To reduce the risk of injury
  • To improve concentration and raise awareness
  • To balance out any physical and technical deficiencies
  • To strengthen the meridian system
  • To harmonise mind, body and mental energy

Good motor coordination is essential for the ability to concentrate mentally. Balancing coordination and concentration improves performance and diminishes the risk of injury.

Kinesio taping offers effective support for injuries, acute and chronic pain, and for balancing the meridians. It works by gently activating the body’s ability to self-heal.

Your coach Daniel Hübner-Schluifer has years of experience working with many different athletes – from ambitious recreational tennis players to professionals at the top of their game. He can add sport kinesiology options to your training programme for an even more personalised and high quality approach.

90-minute one-to-one coaching session €75.00
Kinesio tape treatment €35.00

Special programmes

  • Video analysis – 60 min €55.00
  • Cardio tennis (tennis-specific endurance training for groups of 3-6) – 60 min €20.00 per person
  • Tennis-specific athletic training (coordination, speed, power and endurance for groups of 3-6) – 60 min €20.00 per person
  • Sport kinesiology (to bring balance and tennis-specific activation to the 14 meridians for groups of 2-3) – 60 min €30.00 per person
  • Racket and stringing service (with BABOLAT test rackets available to hire) available in our sports shop 60 min. €79.00
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