Listen Up! The Magic of Ear Candles

Does this sound familiar?

Your head feels fuzzy, your nose and throat tickle, and your ears are blocked... the early signs of a cold - or maybe your sinuses are always congested? Why not try a remedy from Mother Nature's pharmacy? Ear candles! Active ingredients such as beeswax, sage essence, medicinal herbs, chamomile and St John's wort are relaxing and equalise the pressure in the ear and sinus region thanks to the candle's chimney suction effect'.

Ear candling

minutes price
about 20 min. €33.00

Der Lärchenhof recommends

Follow your ear candling treatment with a facial lymph drainage: boosts toxin release thereby making the treatment twice as effective.

Ear candling and lymphatic drainage

minutes price
about 40 min. €54.00

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