Test your metabolism

E-scan metabolic testing device

Diets having little success?
Lacking energy?
Looking to improve performance?

Metabolic imbalance can lead to health problems and a lack of energy. Our modern measuring system analyses your metabolism through your breath, and allows us to determine how much body fat you burn, how much oxygen is getting to the cells, and how fit you are.

What is metabolism?
The human metabolism is responsible for converting the food we eat and the air we breathe into the energy that keeps us alive. This conversion takes place in all 100 billion body cells, and creates waste materials in the process, some of which we expel through respiration along with other gases. Every second of life is made possible by the metabolic processes that take place. Illnesses and depleted energy levels are caused by an imbalanced metabolism.

The e-scan metabolic test (device manufactured by Figurwell) determines how efficiently your body burns sugar and fat for energy.

What the e-scan metabolic test reveals ...

  • ... daily energy consumption
  • ... the average quantity of sugar and fat your body burns
  • ... whether you are currently losing or gaining weight
  • ... how far you are from losing weight
  • ... why you aren’t losing weight
  • ... what is causing fatigue and slumps in performance
  • ... your risk of type II diabetes
  • ... metabolic efficiency

Measurement & analysis

60 minutes €75.00
Test your metabolism
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