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Detox Foot Bath – 30 minutes

Detox for the feet – deacidify and detox with our electrolysis footbath

Electrolysis neutralises toxins and acids, and releases them in the form of free radicals via the ion exchange of an electro-physical process in highly ionised water.
Toxins are flushed out via the sweat glands in the soles of the feet. This is advantageous for other excretory organs (kidneys, intestines and lungs) because they are not overtaxed. The result is a realignment of body and nerve cells.

Other benefits include:
• Relaxes muscles
• Encourages blood flow
• Promotes lymphatic flow
• Intensifies cell metabolism
• Stimulates a natural sensation of thirst
• Shortens the regeneration phase
• Provides a renewed feeling of lightness, vitality and relaxation, while reducing stress levels

The ion detox system footbath is suitable for all ages: from infants to the elderly!

Lymphatic Drainage – 50 minutes

Promotes tissue detoxification. This form of therapeutic treatment is often applied after surgery, or in cases of herniated discs, puffiness, oedemas, and fluid retention. Drainage unblocks tissues and allows lymph fluid to be expelled through the lymph nodes and bladder.

Thalasso Pack – 25 minutes

An intensely detoxifying seaweed pack.


minutes price
105 min. €155.00

Treatments can also be booked individually:

Individual Detox Power Package treatments

Treatment minutes price
Detox Footbath 30 min. €55.00
Lymphatic Drainage 50 min. €69.00
Thalasso Pack 25 min. €49.00

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