Body Treatments

Caribbean Feeling at the Lärchenhof

Skincare and relaxation with the best the Caribbean has to offer. Allow us to pamper you with a full body exfoliation and relaxing massage using premium products by Ligne St Barth.

minutes price
about 75 min. €95.00

St Barth Sensation

Luxurious body wrap and soothing massage. Intensely moisturising body wrap improves the skin's appearance and elasticity. A pampering and fragrant massage leaves the skin silky and smooth.

minutes price
about 55 min. (incl. 25 min. massage) €85.00

Sea Breeze

A mineral-rich sea salt scrub is followed by a seaweed wrap for improved blood flow and skin detox.

minutes price
about 55 min. €84.00

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

The back is prepared with a scrub and steam treatment, after which the skin is deeply cleansed. To soothe, a moisturising flaxseed wrap is applied before the final nourishing cream.

minutes price
about 45 min. €59.00

Ägyptos Vitality Wrap

Cleanses, smoothes and nourishes the skin - ideal for cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis and blemishes. Precious mineral salts from the Dead Sea soften and smoothen the skin. Medicinal clay has an intensely detoxifying effect as it firms and revitalises the skin. Ideal following pregnancy and weight loss.

Treat yourself to this unique experience with a body scrub, vitality wrap and finishing treatment.

minutes price
about 85 min. €133.00
Course of 3 treatments €379.00

Problem Zone Modelling Mask

Declare war on cellulite! Thighs and bottom are prepared with a scrub before application of a powerful serum. The subsequent modelling mask allows active ingredients to penetrate deep into the tissue.

minutes price
about 50 min. €75.00

Soin Performance – Modelling, Firming, Pampering

A deeply effective and relaxing body treatment with a spa scrub, energising massage and spa body wrap. For firmer skin, more clearly defined contours and heightened blood flow. Cuation, there is a side effect: the stresses of everyday life vanish into thin air!

minutes price
about 85 min. €110.00

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